Mother & Daughter Working Relationship

Mother & Daughter Working Relationship

If you think working with your daughter is full of bad behaviour and attitude think again, it’s simply the best. Our days are so different one day we may be out for a secret lunch – but telling everyone we’re in a meeting (working very, very hard) the next we’re ordering gorgeous clothing walking around the warehouse in sparkly slippers, Norah Jones on repeat and our fairy lights as bright as can be.

The best part of having my daughter work for me is she gets it. Yes, she may get away with a lot more but at the end of the day the job gets done. We both have a very similar dream, love fashion, people and style.

She’s my travel buddy and assistant. When we arrive to our hotel room, I wonder why Coco Pops and Cadbury are added to my welcome package and then get told “Oh, because you asked for them Mum, this package is for me.” while she opens MY card. (HAHA!!!) The life of a daughter, right.

They give us separate beds but she always jumps in my bed, uses all my makeup and clothes. I wouldn’t change anything, daughters are best friends. I’d prefer to keep her around then not see her at all. We love dreaming and pondering on all the amazing things coming.

When we receive emotional emails from women around Australia, Renee says Mum get the tissues out you’re going to need them.

Our girl cave is a dream!! When I used to own a boutique in Melbourne, Renee and I would dream of the day we would have a stunning warehouse with Chandeliers and flowers everywhere, I guess God was listening.

One thing I’ve learnt working with your daughter is to loosen up and get ready for an amazing ride, Renee has her own style and most of the time I let her flow with it because it’s up to date and creative.

I do have another gorgeous daughter Suzannah who works with my husband Joe, I’ll let him write his own blog about her (I’m sure it will be very long and hilarious.)